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People need to understand that the stripping away of rights is not always visible to the eye. Share in social networks.

Despite the fact that many provisions of the Act expired on December 31,many of them were prolonged. The main controversy is the contradiction of provisions of the Act and of the Constitution. For instance, sectionwhich says that property can be searched, even if the issuance warrant is delayed, actually permits searching without any documents The Patriot Act.

A number of other lawsuits concerning different sections of the Act were filed and also caused collision of courts and Justice Department. Thus, for example U. It is evident that certain provisions of the Act are at variance with the articles of Constitution.

Essay The USA Patriot Act of 2001

Though the Act was meant to protect people, we see that it made them more exposed to the will of the government and of law enforcement agencies. Thus, interference to the private life of citizens has become much easier for law enforcement agencies.

Though at first it was accepted unanimously, afterwards it caused many disputes not only among common people but also among the members of the Senate. You have a right to privacy, and the government should not be able to take that away.

First of all, particular sections of the Patriot Act violate the right of privacy. It gives them the right to search houses, to tap phones, to check different types of records, including medical, financial, library, etc. Aiming at protecting citizens from terrorist attacks, the USA Patriot Act often violates their rights.

Certainly, the Patriot Act has found supporters and critics.

On the other hand, even if intelligence and the military suspect a terrorist and follow him, common innocent citizens might also be involved into the tapping of telephones and searching of records. Therefore, there were many lawsuits concerning amendments to those provisions of the Act that violated rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

Many of them were won by the opponents of the Act because a number of federal judges acknowledged the provisions unconstitutional.

On the one hand, common citizens might be exposed to the self-will of the agencies. The Act broadens the sphere of activity of American law enforcement bodies.

Being a response to the terrorist attacks on September 11, the Act was supposed to strengthen the security of the American territory and population but instead it caused heated disputes, concerning numerous changes of American law, and consequently constitutional challenges.Essay on The Patriot Act is Unconstitutional Words | 11 Pages The Patriot Act was established after the tragedy of September, 11, in a moment of weakness.

As of Julycommunities from 25 states have passed resolutions that condemn the Patriot Act. The resolutions indicate that the Act is unconstitutional and does not make the country any more secure from terrorist attacks (Ferrel,p.

). Essay on America Needs the Patriot Act - Is the Patriot Act Unconstitutional.

The Patriot Act was introduced in after the September 11 attacks. The Patriot Acts purpose is to deter and punish terrorist acts in the United States and around the world. The Patriot Act authorizes unethical and unconstitutional surveillance of American citizens with a negligible improvement in national security.

Free speech, free thinking, and a free American lifestyle can not survive in the climate of. ENG Argumentative Research Paper The Patriot Act Eng Argumentative Essay The Patriot Act America is based on two things: Blood and the Constitution. America is currently at war, fighting for our freedom.

This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Effects of The Patriot Act.

The USA PATRIOT Act (Patriot Act) was established after September 11, (9/11) when terrorists attacked the United States. The Patriot Act has raised many concerns about whether it infringes on the civil liberties of the people of this nation.

Patriot act unconstitutional essay writer
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