National legal essay writing competition

These essays must not be copied or distributed without the consent of the author. Articles will be judged by NLR staff members on the basis of readability, clarity, organization, and timeliness. Footnotes must conform to Bluebook 19th Edition rules of legal citation and must include a description of each authority adequate to allow a reasonable reader to identify and locate the authority in a publication of general circulation Font size shall be 12 points in Times New Roman, 1.

All the submissions will be subjected to strict plagiarism checks. NLR wants to give law students valuable experience generating consumer-friendly legal content of the sort which is included for publication in law firm client newsletters, law firm blogs, bar association journals and trade association publications.

Writing Competitions and Contests

Multiple or incomplete submissions will lead to disqualification. However, where this focus fails is in its disregard for the unique nature of that spiritual and cultural connection. Winners will be intimated via email.

Please make sure that you subscribe to our Newsletter only with that email which you are going to mention in the submission form. The difficulty is in providing for these sui generis regimes such that they comfortably sit within, and engage with, the conventional law.

National Legal Essay Writing Competition, 2016

Winning articles are published alongside those written by respected attorneys from Am Law and other prominent firms as well as from other respected professional associations. Any College or University can send any number of entries.

Content Guidelines must be followed by all entrants to qualify. Please note that any original work contained in the essays linked above remains the intellectual property of the authors.

There is no restriction on the number of entries from any college or university. A list of winners may be obtained by writing to the address listed above. Limit the number of endnotes to only those most essential.

Declaration of Result 31st July Submissions should be in electronic form. This paper aims to justify Part IIIAAA and the expansion of military power domestically, using a jurisprudential framework going beyond contemporary policy-making, to demonstrate the necessity in having an emergency system where the executive, and military, can intervene to protect the citizens and state.

For Theme of the essay and for other criteria please download the official brochure.

National Law Review Writing Competition - an opportunity for law students.

Endnotes and citations — Any citations should be in endnote form and listed at the end of the article. This competition is absolutely free and there is no hidden cost. A brief professional biography of the author, running approximately words or 1, characters including spaces.

Winners will be publicly announced on the NLR home page and via other media. In an essay, we look forward to a detail analysis of the status quo and putting forward suggestions that would serve as an instrument for change to the problems that persist.

Such a system will be able to cater to the commercial reality of the corporate landscape in which dealings between indigenous and other parties now occur, and will allow traditional owners to come to any bargaining table with the full set of powers that would, under any other system, be afforded to the owners of that which is being bartered.

Tone should be authoritative, but not overly formal. There is no fee to enter this contest. If you do not use Facebook or Twitter or Instagram then you are not bound to follow us on the same. Conventional law proving generally inadequate, Australia — and Victoria in particular — has begun to develop sui generis laws that recognise the unique nature of these traditional Indigenous rights and interests and which have recourse to customary law and tradition.

Image size must be at least pixels high or pixels wide. The Students who have made a solo entry and as a co-author also will be treated as multiple entries and it will lead to rejection of the second submission. Therein lies a bundle of Indigenous rights and interests compiling an ancient and hugely valuable compendium of traditional knowledge that remains unprotected from commercial exploitation.

Identification mark must not be found in any part of the essay. Students are not required to transfer copyright ownership of their winning articles to the NLR.Writing is a proclivity that a lawyer must never detach from himself, and thus, each year, the Magazine Committee of Government Law College, Mumbai, organises a national level legal essay writing competition, The Dinesh Vyas Memorial Government Law College National Legal Essay Competition.

Libertad De Expresiônin Association with TMT Law Practice is organizing National Legal Essay Competition, Enter into the National Essay Competition (NEC) for you chance to win!

The NEC is open to current Australian LLB or JD students. Students are encouraged to submit an academic paper between 3, and 12, words on any legal issue. The National Legal Writing Competition is an opportunity to discover and recognise India’s most talented legal communicators.

This is the chance to show off your ability, gain recognition among your legal peers, and help others better understand the Indian Legal system in an effective manner.


Law Mantra in association with International Council of Jurists, London (Student Division) Presents Dr. Adish C. Aggarwala National Legal Essay Writing Competition – National Legal Essay Writing Competition National Legal Essay Writing Competition Law Mantra’s mission is to provide comprehensive and easy-to.

his Online Essay Writing Competition is a small initiative of ‘Law Audience’, to make the citizens aware about the problem of increasing Population.

National legal essay writing competition
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